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Very interesting first year of college

This past school year has been a very interesting one for me. The fact that I started at a new school without knowing anyone was kind of scary. I admit that I’m not really the sociable kind, I’m more like on my own unless I know the people I’m surrounded with. That’s why this past year has been really interesting for me, because I kind of got out of my comfort zone, and started socializing with other people. I also made new friends which I didn’t even think about when I first started school. That’s something really positive for me.

Also the fact that there was a pandemic during my first year at college was weird. Because I never imagined my college years to look like this. Being practically homeschooled, not being able to go to the campus to have my classes, to have some exams at home,… I never thought that all of those things would happen, but they did. And they managed to make me less want to study, and to be focused on my school work. That is because I can’t focus on my classes if I’m not in a classroom with a teacher teaching me. But in general this past year went well, so I’m not too bothered by it.

Erasmus Hogeschool is located near the high school that I went to. That means that my route to go from home to school hasn’t changed as much compared to 2 years ago. That’s one of the positive things about this school. This way I don’t have to wake up hours before the beginning of my classes to get to school. 

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