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Stage 3 ENGIE Electrabel

Dit academiejaar kreeg ik de kans als stagiaire te werken bij ENGIE Electrabel te Brussel.
Ik koos bewust om een stage te zoeken binnen de afdeling personeelszaken, om een beter inzicht te verkrijgen over dit aspect van Office Management. In onderstaande video krijgt u een beter beeld van een typische dag binnen het bedrijf.

A new start : spa host at the db San Antonio Hotel + Spa

db San Antionio Hotel + Spa

db San Antionio Hotel + Spa

It is now the begining of february and I just started my internship at the db San Antonio Hotel + Spa, a four star hotel located on the northern part of the island Malta. During a period of six weeks I will be employed as a receptionist and spa host. As I mentioned before I had to work with a placement agency called ‘Internship makers’ to secure my placement at the San Antonio Hotel.

When I first came in contact with the agency I was asked to introduce myself, explain what I was looking for and forward them my CV. After our first conversation and a couple of improvements in my profile by my personal counseler I secured an interview with Mr. Joe Camilleri, spa and gym manager at the San Antonio Hotel. A preparing interview with my counseler and a few internet searches on the hotel and the manager helped me to be prepared for the interview.The interview itself went really smoothly, I had also written down a few questions beforehand.

My first week as receptionist and spa host was an observation week. The manager wanted to give me the opportunity to see how everything worked and ask questions by myself. This was one of the hardest and most boring weeks but it give me the oppertunity to grow in patience and not to rush the learning proces which was really important.

New internships and new adventures

As the end of 2015 approaches  my classmates and me are preparing themselves for the new year and some new adventures. I wanted the new year to start off a little bit different. During my second year I was required to work as a trainee with the company of my choice during  six weeks. Last year I had done already an internship in a Belgian company. Now I decided to pack my bags and go see how things are being done abroad. The whole idea seemend fun, but the proces was actualy quite long.

First of all I had to decide which country I wanted to go to and which kind of internship I wanted to do. An english placement seemed the ideal opportunity to perfection my speaking skills and an internship in the hotel sector would make a good change. As the weeks went by me and my friend set our eye on the island of Malta. Malta is a predominatly english speaking country and only a three our flight away from home. Since it was quite difficult or even impossible to get in contact with local hotels I decided to work with the agency ‘internship makers’. Internship Makers is an international agency specialised in finding internships and accommodations abroad.

After a couple off weeks and several skype meetings with the agency they finally invited me for an interview with a potential internship, the San Antonio db Hotel + Spa. I will be sharing with you how this interview went and how I prepared myself for it in my next blogpost !


The countdown : 15 days as a trainee

As the end of the first half of my internship  at the company Adecco approaches, I look back on what I have experienced and most of all on what I have learned. My journey as a trainee started on January the 9th, on this day I was invited by the company’s executive assistant Merlyn De Vos ( who would also become my internship mentor)  to an interview.

Mrs De Vos kindly welcomed me and invited me to sit down in their modern and warm lobby. Together we went over my curriculum , discussed the different tasks I would be doing during my internship, her function at the company and my studies. After this conversation I couldn’t help but feel excited yet a bit scared of what was waiting for me and I was right.

photo 2

A few weeks later I walked into the Adecco offices to start my internship, again Mrs De Vos kindly welcomed me and introduced me to the people who would be my colleagues during the next three weeks. What I immediately noticed was the companies’ diverse, young and dynamic staff. More than half of the employees are women and  people of different cultures are to be found on each department.

Postverdeling AdeccoLater that day I got to visit  the different departments, the cafeteria  and I immediately received my first task, the distribution of the mail. It was a nice way to learn the difference between each department and to see how the reception was being organized in such a large enterprise.


photoMy second day as an Adecco trainee, was the day I finally saw my office and received my personal computer. The next few days would be a mix of working at the reception and working with Mrs. De Vos. As the days went by I realized that the function of management assistant has truly grown out of being just the ‘boss’ pet’ and become a title of its own. Mrs. De Vos manages 5 agenda’s, organizes all the companies’  parties and is in charge of the companies’ intern communication . She does all this and still manages to be a kindhearted and respected women.

In generall I could not be more fortunate to have found such a challenging and rewarding internship. It is not only helping me to put everything I have learned in practice but it has and it still is challenging me to improve all my skills. I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks have to offer.