My internship at Procter & Gamble

For my studies in the third year of Office Management, I had to do an internship with the intention of applying my acquired knowledge to the business world. The oral explanation is mainly in English. I want to thank Procter & Gamble for giving me the opportunity to do my internship within their company. It was an educational, constructive and pleasant period. I would also like to thank my supervisor, Mrs Ellen Pasteels, for her guidance and kindness during my internship period, together with her colleagues Heidi Metdenanxt and Fareeseh Chaudhry they have made every effort to ensure that my internship runs smoothly.

Procter & Gamble is a multinational company with its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, which makes and sells consumer products. It is one of the largest suppliers of household and personal care products in the world. P&G profiles itself as an umbrella for premium brands through a range of different brands in a variety of segments within the chosen markets.

Most of the tasks I performed at P&G were: organizing large events and meetings, recruitment, agenda management, e-mail sending, translating documents and improving in English, working with MS Office. The tasks that I did the least was post handling and reserving rooms. During my internship I have also been able to improve my language skills, namely English.

The atmosphere within the R&D department was always very pleasant. It was a great pleasure for me to do an internship there every day, I am convinced that I was always very friendly to my colleagues. I was very well welcomed on my first internship day and I thank them very much for that.

The big plus of my internship company is the guidance and opportunities that I received during my three-month internship. I was always well supported and motivated. All tasks were explained and formulated clearly. The employees of my internship company were always available to answer my possible questions. The R&D team at Procter & Gamble has always been great and everyone has been very friendly to me.

I thank everyone for their support and for continuing to believe in my capacities in the last three months.