Stage at Retail International Group

Retail International Group

Retail International Group is a fashion retailing company that manages and coordinates different brands and all this within the fashion world from their head office in Valletta. The brands that we manage are Aldo, Charles and Keith, Marks and Spencer, Karen Millen, Punt Roma & Kwaddro. The other brands are managed in Libya and Morocco.  

My 2 months internship at Retail International Group 

In my 2nd year of Office Management we have the chance to do an 6 weeks internship (or 8 weeks if you chose to go abroad). All this to gain insight into the business world and put our theory into practice. I chose to do an 8-week internship abroad in Malta at Retail International Group in Valletta. The purpose of this internship for me is first and foremost to gain a new experience and improve my English. I also want to expand network and personal growth. 

I had the opportunity and the chance to work for two different departments: Sales & Operations and also Marketing & Event. As I have the chance to work for two different departments it allows me to learn a lot more and to have varied tasks. That’s something really important for me and that I love.

My tasks 

Like I said before I was working for two different departments so my tasks were very varied. For Sales & Operations I had different tasks. I took care of the mailbox of the company concerning every application for job/traineeship.  So I answered and send a lot of e-mails. I also had the chance to select applications that I found interesting for the job/traineeship, I contacted them and arranged some skype interviews that I could attend. I also had to keep up a weekly planning and update it. Also every Monday and Friday we had a meeting to discuss everything that has to be done and to follow up were we are with the tasks. I also had to do some powerpoint presentations and research information. I had the chance to attend and work at 2 events that were organized by us for two different brands: Marks and Spencer and Aldo. 

For Marketing & Events I had the opportunity to manage the Instagram page of the company, this consist in taking care of posting for every brand.  I always have to know 1 week in advance what I will post every day. So I schedule this in the content plan on Google slides. We use one Instagram page for the 6 different brands that we manage here at Retail International Group. They expect that I vary between brands and don’t put one particular brand more in the highlights than another. It’s very important that there is variation between the content I post, I also have to take into account the hours I post. Something very important apart from the fact that I have to vary the brands, I also have to vary the content I post. For exemple if I post a pair of shoes from Aldo and after this I need to post for Charles and Keith it must be something else than shoes, for exemple a handbag so it’s not twice a pair of shoes. I also managed the page of ALDO  (one of the brands we manage) this consist of answering messages and comments. I had to call the stores sometimes to ask if they had some products available/keep it aside for a customer. 

Doing my internship in Malta at Retail International Group was a great opportunity to develop and work on myself and my goals. It was a pleasure for me to go to work every day! I had a great team to work with. I really recommend to anyone to get out of their comfort zone and go abroad for a unique experience!!