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My internship at the town hall of Ganshoren

In this blog I’ll like to talk and explain about how my internship went at the town hall of Ganshoren, a district located in Brussels the capital of Belgium. My internship period was from 3 February till 21 February 2020.

Thanks to my dad’s connections, I found an internship easily. An alderman who is responsible for the HR department was kind enough to accept my offer in his department. This district is small, which is why the town hall felt comfortable and friendly. The moment you walk in you get greeted warmly and they make sure you get what you need, hence why I had it easy to adapt myself to my surroundings. Immediately after I greeted everyone in office, I knew I would have a great experience there. We often say that the first impression is always important and I am glad mine was positive for the get-go.

Now let’s talk a bit more about what I did as an intern. Most of my tasks had to do with personnel management. There was a lot that I had to file and had to follow. I had to keep track who was absent each day so I could put it into their software that also calculates their monthly salaries. In the beginning I had some difficulties working with that software, but I’m also a fast-learner and am also interested in technologies so I had a fun time learning. Most of my tasks were repetitive so I didn’t really have a hard time understanding things. Everything was in French though, so there were times where I had to deal with a language barrier, but I do have average skills in comprehending French, so everything worked out well.

My colleagues were super nice. I often worked with a girl called Pravina. She was the one that taught and explained me everything without getting annoyed. I know some of my classmates had to deal with rude or arrogant co-workers, but thankfully that was not the case at my internship. The mayor also made sure I was always comfortable, which was not what I expected and I was a bit shocked too.

Long story short, I had a pleasant time overall and even though my tasks were repetitive I learned a lot about how a town works and functions. There is a lot of hard work put into managing a town. It was an eye-opening experience I am forever thankful for it.

If you want to learn more about this small town and it’s rich history you can check it out on their official website.

Selay Selvi

Student 1 BA Office Management