The Council for Alien Law Litigation : almost one year


Where has the time gone by hein???

I cannot believe it, it’s almost been a year (in 21 days to be precise) since I became the secretary of our First chairman.  It all started with a simple request and a yes. All I really wanted was to gain some insight and crawl for a couple of weeks in the skin of an “officer manager” in order to gain some experience .

Like I’ve explained during one of my previous post I used to be a “registry officer”. I really liked my previous jobrole but felt ready career wise for a new challenge and thought that this opportunity would make me gain the experience required. The old secretary had found a new job so I jumped on the occasion to make myself usefull and be an added value. Little did I know that after two months the First chairman and my new manager wouldn’t want me to leave 🙂 (never be afraid to create opportunities for yourself guys you never know what door your eagerness to learn open!) 

So as of now I am in charge not only of my personal and work agenda but I also manage the agenda of our First chairman. I read his mails on daily basis and reply to those I can. I prepare his monthly meetings and those of all the presidents of the Council. I also help organise several events like our yearly ‘quiz night’. I answer many phone calls and make a lot of lunch and dinner reservations. One thing I’ve come to realize the last couple of months is that an “officer manager” should be quick to adapt to various scenes and situations and be a good listener.

“What is it that you love the most about your job you may ask?”. Well, except for also being the one who makes the coffee all the rest!


 * On the left First Chairman on the right chairmen of CALL